Cassandra Guan is a New York based conceptual artist working within and against the tradition of film. Guan has exhibited internationally in places including Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, Lisbon International Independent Film Festival, etc. Guan was born in Beijing and relocated to the US in 1999. She received a BFA from The Cooper Union and subsequently attended the Whitney Independent Study Program. Guan currently works at the Whitney Independent Study Program as assistant to the director.

I conceive of my filmmaking activities as local guerrilla operations within and against a totalizing media culture. My work takes up cinema as a site of collective remembrance and engagement. I seek out alternative models of production and history that have become delegitimized, but which haunt contemporary consciousness in the guise of the perverse or fantastic; I re-imagine these models as anti-films and cinematic fetish objects. Through the lens of film, my practice questions the relationship between technological and ideological obsolescence, probing the extent to which residual technologies and  residual ideologies could pose a critical challenge to the dominant system of representation and its privileged social relations.

The Filmballad of Mamadada (teaser)