Diann Bauer studied art and architecture at Cooper Union and Goldsmiths College. Her work deploys a language of visual force across disciplines. Public commissions include: EAF13 at Socrates Sculpture Park and The Harlow Temple of Utopias through Commissions East (UK). She has received grants from the Elephant trust and The Arts Council (both UK) and done residencies in India and Vietnam through the British Council. She has had solo exhibitions in London, Berlin, Athens and Hanoi and has participated in numerous group exhibitions including Panic Room at the Deste Foundation, The Busan Biennale, Screen at The Dorsky Museum and 14-12-13 at Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler in conjunction with ‘Accelerationism, A symposium on tendencies in capitalism’ organized by Armen Avanessian including speakers Ray Brassier, Nick Srnicek and Reza Negarestani.

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My work is conceptually led and visually driven. It rearranges the given picture of the present time to make a new sense more fitting to the puzzling complexity of our contemporaneity. It proposes that the current reality of political/economic entanglement necessitates an art that packs an equally forceful/complicated/visual punch. We need pegs thrown into the sidewalls of the rabbit-hole we are accelerating down, not to slow us down but as markers of orientation to understand where we are, now and now and now. Art creates moments to hang on to as we whiz by, subject to the gravitation of the black hole (of capitalism) now stretching us all, stretching art so thin that it/we loose any of its/our own gravitational mass. I propose art not as catastrophe, instrumentalized by capital for capital’s own ends, but as its counterpoint, anastrophe: the burst of the diversification of life, the post-catastrophic event, art as the new mutants produced from the destructive force of capital.