Originally from Pensacola, FL, Cate Giordano lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.  She received a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in 2008. Solo screenings and exhibitions include Artist Television Access, San Francisco; Film Society at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston; 24K Studios, San Francisco, Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn; and 2onetwo, New York. Group screenings and exhibitions include Parlour Bushwick, Brooklyn; Spring/Break Art Show, James Farley Post Office, New York; Millennium Film Workshop, Brooklyn; Old School in collaboration with the New Museum, New York; and Balagan Film Series, Boston. Her work has been written about in Hyperallergic, Art Observed and Cool Hunting.

View more of Cate's work at: categiordano.com

I shoot films, make sculptures, and perform in various states of cross dress. My work conveys a grotesque Americana, one influenced by faded icons, soap-opera folklore, and daily banalities. My films are melodramatic narratives that take place within loosely fabricated sculptural environments. These sculptures can be in the form of sets or characters and are made in a way that highlights their construction and materiality. Often playing multiple roles in my films, my approach to drag is the same as my approach to sculpture. Mustaches secured with masking tape and poorly fastened wigs call attention to the transparency of the performance, making the drag itself into a sculptural gesture that parodies gendered expectations.