Erica Magrey is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist working with video, performance, music, costume, sculpture, photography, and set design. She was a 2014-2015 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Workspace Resident, and was the 2011 NY Artist in Residence with iaab/International Exchange and Studio Program Basel, Switzerland, as well as a 2012 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in Interdisciplinary Work. Career highlights include screenings, performances and exhibitions at Socrates Sculpture Park, the Sculpture Center, the Whitney Museum of American Art, Kaskadenkondensator (Basel), The Kitchen, Klaus von Nichtssagend, 106 Green, Magic Pictures (Philadelphia, PA), Freight + Volume, and Storefront for Art and Architecture. 

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Erica Magrey's work playfully examines the embodiment of personas in order to inhabit familiar and foreign, human and non-human characters, performing an investigative relationship with them. Once conjured, the persona's fit may be surprising: like a deja vu glove, a seamless transition; or, bulkily, somewhere on the spectrum toward needs alteration. In videos and live performances, the audience bears witness to acts of transformation, catharsis and discovery; in interactive works, the user is granted agency to participate in transformative manipulations.