Lea Bertucci is an interdisciplinary artist working with photography, video, installation and sound. The emphasis of her work lies in the creative description of space, whether through light, movement or sound. She is a 2007 Tierney Fellow and holds a degree in Photography from Bard College. She is one half of the experimental music duo TwistyCat and enjoys the creative use of obsolete technologies.

I have realized that in recent years my impulse to photograph has been governed by two main interests: light and space. In exploring these concerns, I have found that the projected image is a perfect vehicle to investigate light as a three dimensional force and the ability of light to describe a space.

I seek to confuse the viewer with my images, not to let them make sense of the spaces which are represented, but to push and pull on their perceptions and force them to look deeper into the picture. Although each photograph has a good deal of thought as to the balance of its composition, there remains a certain spatial dislocation that results in the works having an unresolved quality to them. The photographic image’s ability to compress three-dimensional objects into a two dimensional representation is what lies at the core of my work.

This interest in using projection as a sculptural means has led me in a more installation oriented direction lately. The use of spatialized projections, in conjunction with the movement of video-generated images is intended to create this same sense of viewer disorientation while providing an environment for the viewer to physically interact with the artwork.

 View more of Lea's work at: http://www.brokendiorama.com/index.html