LoVid is interested in connections and interactions that contribute to social, personal, and corporal experiences in the networked era. We explore the translation and decay of natural, electrical, and biological signals. Through our interdisciplinary works we investigate time and the preservation of information through gesture, memory, craft, and engineering.

LoVid has performed widely at venues including MoMA, PS1, The Kitchen, Roulette, Aurora Picture Show, NY Underground Film Festival, and FACT. LoVid has exhibited installations, videos, and media objects in venues such as The Jewish Museum, The Neuberger Museum, The Butler Institute of American Art, Exit Art, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, Institute of Contemporary Art (London), Urbis (Manchester), and Science Gallery (Ireland). LoVid has been artist in residence at Cue Art Foundation, Eyebeam, Harvestworks, iEAR, free103Point9, and Alfred University, and has received grants and awards from LMCC, Experimental TV Center, NYSCA, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, turbulence.org, Puffin Foundation, and Greenwall Foundation.