Seth Wulsin works primarily with space and light through site-specific, ephemeral sculpture and drawing. He is a member of the art collectives Artistas en Latinoamerica, and Wubacawi, and is currently working on Selva Vertical and Un Charibe. He is based between Bogotá and Brooklyn.

My work is driven by the force I see in abandoned spaces. These spaces may be physical or metaphysical, conceptual or fictional, public, private, historical, personal, but when their internal structures and rhythms are perceived and reworked, they reappear where the meridians of human consciousness intersect with our shared worlds, and space becomes place. I explore the memory of place by weaving together sculptural and pictorial space in the intervals between dimensions, working across spatial and temporal magnitudes, through borders and currencies, in the limits between chance and intention, looking for the intersections of axes and volumes that constitute our world.

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