Rebecca Graves, needlepoint (2017)




Saturday, November 18, 6PM - 8PM
4PM - 6PM Drifting Dreamers: New York / Workshop with Sayaka Suzuki
7PM DESGARRO (TEARING) performance by Hector Canonge: 7PM
8PM - 10PM AFTERPARTY with live set of ROOTS REGGAE with DJ Lightbolt (Nicky Enright)


Drifting Dreamers: New York / Sayaka Suzuki
Saturday, November 18 4PM - 6PM
In conversation and collective making, Suzuki brings attention to the emotional experiences around experiences of immigration.


DESGARRO (TEARING) / Hector Canonge
Saturday, November 18 7PM
As an interdisciplinary artist, Canonge, will presents a performative narrative exploring notions of “Desgarro/e” (the tearing apart) as a form of segregation, displacement, and control.


Saturday, November 18 8PM - 10PM

The afterparty will feature a Live set of ROOTS REGGAE by DJ Lightbolt (Nicky Enright)


Sunday, November 19 & Saturday, December 2, 6, 16, 23, 30
2PM - 5PM on all days
Temporary Habitat / Katya Grokhovsky
An influx DIY ephemeral residence-set will act as a site for visitors to enter and converse with artist Grokhovsky about the current state of immigration in USA. Acting as a record keeper of these interactions, the “inhabitant” will add text, sound, and video recordings to the installation that will activate conversations of displacement and process throughout the exhibition.


Sunday, December 3rd, 4PM - 6PM
A Structural Crisis in an Emotional Landscape / Kenneth Pietrobono
In this artist talk, Pietrobono leads a discussion with writers and other creative thinkers to find new ways of addressing current political issues. His project centers around the circulation of the phrase “A Structural Crisis in an Emotional Landscape” in installation and ephemera, a proposal for a list of words that should no longer be used for a period of time, and a campaign to raise funds to pay writers to remove words from their work for a period of time. The goal is to change the language we use in order to break out of echo chambers and understand the emotional reality of our time rather than rearranging assigned labels and hoping for different outcomes.


Sunday, December 3rd & 10th, 1PM - 3PM
Home is Where You Lay Your Head / Laura Arena
For this community engagement project, Arena provides an intimate space, a shelter to share her experiences around identity and home, from the perspective of a mixed race Native American woman. This shelter, inspired by her time at Standing Rock, also references the refugee and migrant crises happening all over the world.


Thursday, December 7, 4PM - 8PM
DUMBO First-Thursdays
Hot Temper (band) and Silkscreening Workshop/ Jeff Kurosaki and Tara Pelletier
Motivational, political, punk rock band “Hot Temper” (Kurosaki and Pelletier) will present a performance of songs that express first-hand accounts of oppression and address what it's like to be a person of color and a queer woman living in a time of emboldened racism, sexism and bigotry. Following the performance, the artists will lead a public workshop for visitors to screen-print inspirational T-shirts, flags and posters in the gallery space.


Saturday, December 9, 2PM
Mirror/Echo/Tilt / Shaun Leonardo
For his project Mirror/Echo/Tilt, artist Shaun Leonardo works with young people affected by the criminal justice system to create visual, performance-based work that reframes personal narratives, promotes individual agency, and breaks down the myth of the criminal. 


Saturday, December 9, 5PM- 7PM
Marcus Moore, the Homeless Poet and Yael Ben-Zion
In conjunction with Yael Ben-Zion’s photographs, a collaborative project with Marcus Moore, who is a spoken-word artist a.k.a. “The Homeless Poet,” Moore performs a new skit that deals with the effects of the current political climate on homeless people. 


Wednesday, December 13, 6PM - 8PM
Motherland film premiere, directed by Jess X. Snow
Snow presents her new film, a narrative of familial senses, survival, and rooted history set in a distant future where all plant life on Earth has been wiped out.


Sunday December 17, 1PM - 3PM
Seed Gathering and Storage Walk: Envisioning and Enacting Brooklyn Bridge Park Futures /
Next Epoch Seed Library (Ellie Irons & Anne Percoco)
NESL invites participants on a walk to gather seeds in nearby Brooklyn Bridge Park and to reconsider nature with actions that decenter the human experience in favor of other life forms.