Thursday, July 7 at 7pm


Smack Mellon presents Press Play, a concert series featuring new local musicians, held in conjunction with the Dumbo First Thursday Gallery Walk. Beer provided by our favorite local brewery Kelso of Brooklyn!


The Ice Machine and Swift

Everything lies beneath the surface of the ocean. Lies. The bubbles, subconscious ether, rise from the bottom and, as they liberate themselves at the surface, they are the songs birthing.  The band is the surface, the threshold which interpolates the bubbles.

The Ice Machine and Swift is Graham Watling (The Ice Machine) and Hugh Swift (Nathan Gwynne).  Nathan Gwynne was brainwashed into thinking he was a "chosen person." His indoctrination as a boy at Stanford led him to a worldview of future leaders. His mind is like really whipped cream. His destiny is a cherry on top of it. Graham Watling believes he is a great artist.
These two musicians merged in 2009 for a Germany tour. The Ice Machine and Swift started their first public performance on June 25th in Düsseldorf, right at the moment Michael Jackson was passing on to the next world. Their music is rock music. It is (most importantly) NEW music, essentially no different from old music. The bubbles at the ocean floor spring eternal. Michael Jackson's chimp was named "Bubbles." Primal. Apelike.
As described by Impose Magazine: "Swift's polyrhythmic drums behind or in front of [The Ice Machine's] wailing and meat bone bass swagger threw everyone's ears up against the wall... This band made every vegetarian in the audience go meat eater."
The Ice Machine and Swift:  "It's like caveman music. The bass guitar was chosen by The Ice Machine for its monophonic quality, since all songs are written one note at a time. On the drums Swift lays a bedrock of beats. Why caveman?  Why NOT?  Here there is no lack of sophistication implied in "cave manliness."  Only grandiosity.  And oneness with the universe."
For evidence of this, please refer to their new video here.
In support of global culture, The Ice Machine and Swift are releasing a NEW RECORD and will be performing repeatedly in the USA and Europe.  The record is entitled "Great Performances", available for purchase here.
"Great Performances" will also be available for the first time as a vinyl record at the Smack Mellon live performance on July 7.  The Ice Machine and Swift is very pleased to announce that this is the official record release event for "Great Performances."



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