DARK MATTER is the name scientists gave to the 95% of matter in our universe we can't see or sense. They also recently named a newly discovered cosmic force, Dark Energy. This previously unknown energy is pushing the hidden 95%, and our known 5%, outward, at an ever increasing speed into infinity. Albert Einstein described our reality in 4 dimensions, which he said dance the relativity rag. Back in the 1980s scientists described their Nine String Theory of existence, which predicted 9 or 10 dimensions. In 2003, science suggests that there may actually be an infinite number of dimensions- each filled with uncountable universes. I like art that looks like the artist gave something away in exchange for making it. I look for a piece of the artist's soul in the work. I like art that makes me feel that it was made by someone trolling a barbed rope deep in their own matter. The art works in this exhibition touch on those feelings. Each work is bathed with a haunting quality. There is a sense of foreboding - a dark energy lurks nearby. There is a palpable tension between desire and loss. Vistas along empty highways, a crowded city overpass, ocean breezes, flowers at the beach, will push the walls outward. These environments will be populated by a naked gunman, a golden infant sleeping in a lotus flower, and a virgin talking to a serpent. There will be cars, airplanes, animals and people, everywhere.

The artwork in Big Cry Baby are both cast members and locations. A rubber suitcase waits by the door, a lead flashlight is on the floor next to a pair of lead binoculars with tree roots growing from its lenses. Falling memories float downward from the ceiling. There's even a suspense filled attic.

At the reception Nora York will sing America the Beautiful, at 7pm and Hush, Little Baby, Don't You Cry, at 8pm. Each Saturday during the exhibition, Ms. York will perform at 3:00 pm and at 3:30 pm. 

–Jerry Kearns