The arrangement of light and dark elements in a pictoral work of art

The exhibition Chiaroscuro expands the classical static definition by applying it to contemporary video, installation, and sculpture thus bringing this pictoral term into the realm of three and four dimensions. This show brings together thirteen artists whose work ranges from video installation, film projection, dense sculptural work, mixed media installation, vibrant abstract painting and sound based installation. Each artist experiments with a unique interpretation of this conventional theme thereby creating many diverse environments within the sprawling exhibition space at Smack Mellon Studios.

David Baskin - film projection sculpture 
Kelley Bush - sculptural installation
Michael Cammer - computer generated photography
Eugene Constan - painting
Kate Dodd - environmental installation
Polly Giragosian - video installation
Jenny Hankwitz - painting
Pat Lasch - sculpture
Bertrand Lamarche - light and sound based installation
Christopher Romer - sculpture
Robert Strati - translucent sculpture and installation
Kevin Vertrees and Andrea Reynosa - sound and sculptural installation
Barbara Zucker - video installation and drawings