June 23-24: Lonny Grafman

Open Sustainability Cocreation from 12-6pm
(**If you missed the event check out the page made by some Appropedia members about sustainable city living  -  http://www.appropedia.org/Sustainable_city_living)

Lonny Grafman, founder and president of the Appropedia Foundation, which shares knowledge to build rich, sustainable lives, will be a resident on the Flock House at Smack Mellon on June 23-24.  He will be available for free consulting and discussion on a wide breadth of sustainability topics.

Are you looking for ways to decrease your impact in your apartment? 
Are you a family looking for ways to bring more sustainable and safe living to your household?
Are you an entrepreneur looking to leverage the incredible New York wastestream or the growing green market?
Are you a local change agent trying to get a neighborhood to be net zero on trash or energy?
Or are you just looking for ways to exchange our negative footprint for a positive handprint and to be a better ancestor?

Lonny Grafman is an Instructor of Environmental Resources Engineering and Appropriate Technology at Humboldt State University; and Instructor of Renewable Energy at University of the Basque Country in Spain; the co-founder of a summer abroad, full immersion, Spanish language and appropriate technology program in Mexico; the Advisor for the Waterpod and the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology; the Executive Editor of the International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering; and the Founder and President of the Appropedia Foundation, sharing knowledge to build rich, sustainable lives.

Lonny has taught courses at universities in three countries and facilitated open workshops in many locations. He has worked, and led teams, on hundreds of domestic and international projects across a broad spectrum of sustainability - from solar power to earthen construction, from micro-hydro power to rainwater catchment. Throughout all of these technology implementations, he has found the most vital component is community.