Mir2 takes advantage of Smack Mellon's vertical expanse by hanging manned capsule-like living environments in the vast ceiling space overhead. These are occupied by crews of technicians who will be living, performing post-digital technology research, docking maneuvers, and extra vehicular activity functions 
-- in space. 

Numerous direct video downlinks will provide visitors with close-up views of all on-board activities. The project can also be monitored on the web with live streaming video. 

Designed in principle to be too large a project to do as an individual, Mir2 began with a core group of artists: Ward Shelley, Peter Soriano and Jesse Bercowez and is expanding to include other sculptors, performers, sound and video artists. The current roster includes: Kyle Dries - sculpture and EVA, John Giglio - sculpture, Florian Altenburg - sculpture and systems, Robert Griffin - video, Robin Griffiths - sculpture and actions, Tulle Ruth - sculpture, Ann Shostrum - sculpture, Tim Spelios - sound, Alex Tarampi - computer and sound, Matt Bua - actions, Doris Vila - video, Julian Stark - sculpture and video 

Mir2: We will return. 

Mir2 - List of Artists in order of enrollment

Ward Shelley - organizer, sculpture, video material, crew worked on all aspects of the project

Peter Soriano – sculpture, worked on the large steel and fabric capsule

Jesse Bercowetz - sculpture, crew, worked on the pirate capsule and the human radiation rotisserie that were white Styrofoam and cast off materials

John Giglio – sculpture, made the white fabric capsule with legs hanging down

Ann Shostrom - fiber, costumes, made the fabric elements of the larger pods (not John Giglio’s piece)

Matt Bua - sculpture, communications, crew, worked on the pirate capsule and human radiation rotisserie with Jesse

Kanoa Baysa - sculpture, crew, made the octagon luxury lounge that was red velvet

Julian Stark - sculpture, crew, made the end arm effector

Daniel Seiple - sculpture, crew, made the stair with helium balloons

Stuart Sachs - sculpture, crew, made the intra station tract vehicle shaped like a hammock and moved back and forth along the station  

Mary Walling Blackburn - Karaoke video piece, a sing along music video

Zohar Kfir - video material, editing

Carlos Gomez de Llarena - video material, editing

Tim Spelios - audio material ?Mead Jones - audio material

Alex Tarampi - computer

Melissa Dubbin & Aaron Davidson - video piece on flight with birds and stories of real failed flight attempts

Carrie Dashow - communications, performance, at ground control room

Tulle Ruth - crew performance, performed in the communications pod with the computer

Emma Dewing - video material ?Mandy Morrison - crew performance

Virginia Poundstone - satellite sculptures

Foil - audio material Joseph Maffei - electronics

Video Actors - David Brody, Linda Nagaoka, Hajoe Moderegger, Franzisca Lamprecht, Joe Amrhein, Anne Thulin  

Joshua Goldberg - video material

Free 103.9 fm - transmission

Student artist interns:

Lisa Moses - fiber

Jaclyn Szumila - fiber

Lauren Luloff - fiber

Shelley Falibota - fiber

Kristen Fitch - fiber