"It is hard for the philosopher to understand that the artist passes almost without distinction from form to content and from content back to form; that a form may occur to him before the meaning he will assign to it; or that the idea of a form means as much to him as the idea that asks to be given form."
-Paul Valery 

"The work of art may thus begin randomly, through improvisation, and, more important, the artist may not necessarily be aware of its meaning during the act of creation. Later, through reflection, the artist may perceive a meaning, which is then imposed on the work."
-Claude Cernuschi on Barnett Newman 

Significant Pursuits: Paint and Geometry is a painting exhibit curated by painter Phong Bui and myself. The selected abstract painters use geometry in a search for, and creation of, form. In contrast, however, to a purely formal approach to geometry these painters each invest their works with personal and hermetic significance. The quest for form becomes, simultaneously, an uncovering of, and the invention of, subjective consequence. In the seemingly neutral terrain of geometry each artist manages to carve out an idiomatic expression through the development and implementation of individual systems of technique and approach. Geometry becomes the armature for personalized implication and the inhabitation of form.
-Robert Kingston