Smack Mellon Gallery is pleased to present Trajectories, the first exhibition of its 2000-2001 season. Eight young on-the-rise artists, Manuel Acevedo, Terry Boddie, John Beech, Heidi Schlatter, Claudia Schmacke, Susanna Starr, Tom Kotik and Matt Freedman, will create large scale site specific works. Smack Mellon's cavernous exhibition space will challenge each artist to push his or her practice into unexplored and risky territory. 

Manuel Acevedo will suspend a 15' construction of Puerto Rican mosquito netting from the ceiling of the gallery. This past year Acevedo participated in Greater New York at PS1. 

Terry Boddie will install a cluster of paper kites printed with photographs of clouds and faces. In 2000 Boddie was an Artist in Resident at The Studio Museum in Harlem. 

John Beech will continue his examination of the tools of heavy industry with a large, 10'x8'x8' dumpster like form constructed of plywood, painted on the inside with bright, viscous enamels. Beech will have a solo show at the Stark Gallery in November. 

Heidi Schlatter will mount a 6'x11' vinyl photo of an old wood paneled garage door against the gallery's rough northern brick wall. Schlatter showed her work in Nobodies Home at the Kunstbunker in Nuremburg, Germany this year. 

Claudia Schmacke will pump aerated water through several hundred feet of clear plastic tubing arranged in a puddle formation on the gallery floor. Schmacke showed in 10th East at the Norwich Gallery in Great Britain in the summer of 2000. 

Susanna Starr will place three of her paint saturated acetate sponge shells in the small gallery. Starr had a solo show, Absorbed, at the Cynthia Broan Gallery in January, 2000. 

In the Project Room Tom Kotik will interweave computor images taken from the linoleum kitchen floor of his parents home in Brooklyn with the designs on a oriental rug owned by his grandmother in Prague. In 2000 Kotik's work was included in Once Removed at Socrates Park. 

On the balcony Matt Freedman will hang a casual 11' by 21' mural, "The Freedmans Meet the President. Freedman had a solo show in 2000 at Flipside Gallery in Brooklyn.