Tyler Henry joined Smack Mellon in 2011. As Media Systems Manager he is responsible for maintaining the electronic media equipment in the Artist Studio Program and assisting the studio artists in using the equipment. Tyler also installs electronic media equipment for Smack Mellon gallery exhibitions and maintains the office equipment. Tyler Henry has a BA in Modern Culture and Media from Brown University, and spent three years at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, as a video installer/videographer, collections manager, and IT administrator. He also worked as a videographer and video archivist for various summer artist residency programs and with individual artists' projects. In his Smack Mellon studio, Tyler is currently working with immersive projections and other forms of video.

I am interested in the developmental history of the moving image and its effects on knowledge. In my studio practice, I tend to approach technology with the eye of a folk artist, often using found, damaged, or impromptu materials as the basis for my work, and I combine high and low tech to draw atte¬ntion to the machinic circuits of art and representation. Recently, I have been researching and re-imagining humanity’s history and future of transmission, terraforming, and alien acculturation.