Join us on Wednesday, July 16, from 6-8pm for 2 FOODshed workshops. 

From 6-7pm environmental educator Aurore Ballengée will teach participants about ecological and health issues related to food often considered as healthy. Surfing on the "real" and "clean" food trends, consumers are now being offered a wide spectrum of products stamped as organic or natural. But some of these products are actually damaging to the environment and sometimes can even be dangerous for your health. Through an interactive presentation, participants will learn how to recognize some potentially dangerous ingredients in their everyday food and how to make more educated choices. This workshop will cover a range of food sustainability issues in conventional and organic food, including GMO, food coloring, BPA, endocrine disruptors and other toxic and potentially dangerous ingredients that end up in our plates.

From 7-8pm, Habitat for Artists Collective will present a "Working Culture" workshop: Transplanting, reseeding, making paintings with phytoremediation processes and repurposing everyday objects In the hybrid Habitat for Artists 6 x 6 ft studio. With Artists: Brandon Cruz, Michael Asbill, Carmen Acuna, Elyssa Willadsen, Dan McGinley, Jessica Poser, Simon Draper.


These workshops are free.   

Please RSVP by 5pm July 15 to with
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