The summer group exhibition (June 24 - August 6, 2017) will be curated by Kathryn Fuller and Larry Ossei-Mensah with the theme:
Race and Revolution: Still Separate - Still Unequal.

The Open Call is now closed. Results will be announced by the end of March.
Click on the link below to view the application on Submittable.

Smack Mellon reviews submissions from Emerging Artists wishing to have their work considered. An Emerging Artist is considered to be an artist without commercial representation who has been working as an artist for less than 10 years and who may not have had previous opportunities to show at a gallery or non-profit space. 

The work will be reviewed and considered for the Emerging Artists Summer Show by Smack Mellon staff and the guest curator from our emerging curator program.

Submissions of work in all media will be considered.  Smack Mellon is interested in proposals that consider the unusual architecture of the gallery space and encourages site-specific projects. If you are applying with a site-specific project or new project (not necessarily site specific), please incorporate this floorplan into your proposal; additionally, a visit to the gallery is highly suggested before drawing up plans. For site-specific and new projects, there will be an area in the online submission form for additional materials. Proposals for events are also welcome.

Artists involved in exhibitions are responsible for the execution and installation of their own artwork. Artists should understand that they are responsible for delivering their work to the gallery, installing and de-installing their work. Smack Mellon does not have a full time staff of preparators. Smack Mellon staff can assist in installation of work requiring a scissor lift or special mounting, when arranged in advance. Our staff may also assist artists and curators with installation of other complicated projects but will not be involved in helping the artist to build their work on site.

Specifics about the installation of artwork and the equipment and resources that Smack Mellon is able to provide will be discussed after the initial proposal has been reviewed and accepted as a proposal under consideration.

Current students are eligible to apply. This is entirely an online application process.

IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST DAY TO UPLOAD YOUR MATERIALS. (If you have any technical problems after 3pm the day of the deadline (February 10, 2017), we will not be able to assist you and any application that is late due to technical difficulties will not be accepted.)

The application process will require:

1. 8 images or 3 videos: SEE BELOW (Only ONE format - video or images - will be reviewed. You can submit an application only once per cycle.)

2. Image or Video Script (Enter up to 60 words of description about the content of each image (or series of images) or video.) This information will be read when your work is viewed.

3. Resume (One file - Word .doc, .docx, .rtf or pdf. Please include your name, address, phone number and email address in this document along with exhibition and educational background.)

4. Artist Statement (In 100 words or less, write a statement about your work and your process.)


You can submit a maximum of eight (8) still images.

Each image file must be titled with your Last Name, underscore, First Name, underscore, image number.  Example: Smith_John_01.

Color mode: RGB; File types: .jpg or .tiff

Maximum size in any direction: 1000px

Enter title, medium, production date for each entry.

Image Script: Enter up to 60 words of description about the content of each image or series of images. (This information will be read when your work is viewed.)

We will not accept CDs of digital images, slides, DVDs, or VHS.


You may submit up to three (3) videos, each of which can be a maximum of three (3) minutes long. Accepted file types include Mp4, AVI, MOV, MPG. Only moving images, i.e. time-based media, video, kinetic art, or documentation of performance art, should be submitted as video files. Videos of still artwork or documentation of artistic process will not be viewed. 

If titling, crediting, or other important textual information is part of the video, we strongly suggest that it come at the beginning of the video.  

Enter title, production date, and running time for each entry.

Video Script: Enter up to 60 words of description about the content of your video. (This information will be read when your work is viewed.)

We will not accept CDs of digital images, slides, DVDs, or VHS. Most video codecs will be played back on Submittable's platform - please test your videos for playback before finalizing your submission.