Press 2017

October 14, Artforum, Kiara Ventura, Critics' Picks New York, Ron Baron 

September 26, ArtCritical, David Brody, Perilous Journeys: Ron Baron and Karina Aguilera Skvirsky at Smack Mellon

September 19, Hamptons, NYC Gallery Scene – Highlights Through September 24, 2017

September 18, ArtCritical, Week at a Glance

September 7, Artnet News, Sarah Cascone, Here Are 51 New York Gallery Shows That You Need to (Somehow) See This September 

August 30, Untapped Cities, AFineLyne, 18 Art Installations and Exhibits Not to Miss in NYC in September 2017

August 25, Vulture, Vulture Editors, 38 Must-Art Exhibits Opening this Fall

August 1, Hyperallergic, Elisa Wouk Almino, Over Rice, a Conversation About Race at Smack Mellon 

July 26, Hyperallergic, Seph Rodney, Artistic Responses to the Systemic  Inequalities in US Education 

July 15, Creators VICE, Antwaun Sargent, A Fed Up Former Teacher Curates a Show Fighting School Segregation

July 6, Arte Fuse, Race and Revolution: Still Separate – Still Unequal at Smack Mellon

July 4, Daily Kos, Kelly Macias, New Brooklyn art exhibit explores segregation and racism in America's public schools

July 3, Artsy, Zachary Small, 18 Artists Tackle America’s “School-to-Prison Pipeline”

June 28, CultureType, Victoria L. Valentine, Summer Shows: New Exhibitions Feature African American Artists Beverly Buchanan, Arthur Jafa, Glenn Ligon and Bradford Young

June 19, ArtNews, The Editors at ArtNews, 9 Art Events to Attend in New York City This Week

February 8, Brooklyn Paper Alexandra Simon, Paper moon: Dumbo exhibit will leave visitors moonstruck

January 9, Art F City, Michael Anthony Farley, This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Rejoice! Our Times Are Intolerable and Nasty Women Are Front-and-Center


Press 2016

December 23, Hyperallergic, Best of 2016: Our Top 15 Brooklyn Art Shows

December 11, Clark Hulings Fund, Making Art Accessible – CHF Interviews Kathleen Gilrain

October 18, Hyperallergic, Zachary SmallConsidering the Environmental Damage Done by Art Fairs

October 12, Business Insider, Gus Lubin, 17 beautiful pictures of roadkill and other dead things 

October 6, Art F City, Emily Colucci, Covering The Waterfront: The DUMBO Gallery Round-Up 

September 15, Blouin ArtInfoDatebook: Ghost of a Dream’s New Installation at Smack Mellon, Brooklyn

September 14, Blouin ArtInfoDatebook: Bobby Neel Adams’ Photo Series on Extinction at Smack Mellon, Brooklyn

August 5, Hyperallergic, Seph Rodney, How to Tell the Difference Between Propaganda and Art

July  25, Hyperallergic, Seph Rodney, Democracy, Art, and the Frustrations of Populism 

July 13, Brooklyn Paper, Dennis Lynch, Artists hijack Trump campaign bus for Dumbo exhibit

July 13, Brooklyn Paper, Dennis Lynch, Run for it: Art installation puts you in the presidential race

July 6, Art F, City, Emily Colucci, People Have The Power: “Of the people” At Smack Mellon

June 14, IESNYC Lumen Awards JournalCITATION for Temporary Art Installation ROIL Brooklyn, NY Christine Sciulli, Artist

April 4, Hyperallergic, Zachary Small, Art that Slows Down How We Assess Gender 

March 15, City Limits, Nekoro Gomes, Artists Find a Role in NYC’s Debate About Police, Race and Violence

February 11, Brooklyn Based, Regina Mogilevskaya, With ROIL, Christine Sciulli mesmerizes, intimidates and provides the perfect selfie setting

February 3, CBS 880, Jane Tillman Irving, Photographer Nona Faustine Sheds Light on NYC's History of Slavery

January 31, ArtReport, Amy Purssey, Christine Sciulli and her Monumental Installation at Smack Mellon

January 28, Collectors Daily, Loring Knoblauch, Nona Faustine, White Shoes @ Smack Mellon

January 22, Creators Project, DJ Pangburn, Enter a Cavern of Concentric Circles in ROIL

Press 2015 

November 17, Linnea West, Photography as Memorial, Karin Giusti at Smack Mellon 

July 23, Hyperallergic, Benjamin Sutton, Dissecting and Detecting Stories in Found Objects and Remnants

April, Modern Painters, RESPOND

February, The Aesthete, Antwaun Sargent, Black Lives Matter: Should Black Artists Respond to the Movement?

February 13, Hyperallergic, Jillian Steinhauer, After a Call for Change, Artists Respond

February 2, Revolution Newspaper, Li Onesto, RESPOND: Art Exhibit Right on Time and of the Times

February 2, Revolution NewspaperAn Art Exhibit to be Part of “Changing the Trajectory”

January 29, Bedford + Bowery, Nicole Disser, With 'Respond,' The Anti-Police-Brutality Movement Reaches The Gallery

January 27, Revolution Newspaper, Learning another way to RESPOND...Flash Mob Workshop: "We Can't Breathe"

January 22, New York Times, Holland Cotter, Raging at Racism, From Streets to Galleries

January 21, Voices of NY, Melissa Rose Cooper, Artists Respond to Police Brutality

January 20, ARTE FUSE, Olya Turcihin, Art That Responds To Our Troubled Times at Smack Mellon

January 20, The Guardian, Steven W Thrasher, Respond: artists offer bold, urgent take on #blacklivesmatter

January 19, ArtSlant, Joel Kuennen, Smack Mellon's RESPOND and the New Imaginary

January 19, News12, DUMBO art exhibit inspired by Eric Garner case

January 19, Revolution Newspaper, RESPOND: Exhibit at Smack Mellon Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

January 9, DNAinfo, Janet Upadhye, Eric Garner Exhibit Features Work of 200 Artists, Including Dread Scott

Press 2014

December 18, Hyperallergic, Benjamin Sutton, Brooklyn Gallery Responds to Police Brutality With an Open Call

November 7, Hyperallergic, Hrag Vartanian, Get Your Fix of a Sinister Post-Human Future 

September 25, The Creators Project, DJ Pangburn, Dazzle Camouflage Hides Corporate Logos in Optical Illusions

September, Sculpture, Charles Boone, Review- Andrea Loefke

July 24, Edible Brooklyn, Ariel Lauren Wilson, How and Why a Herd of Goats Grazed Below the Manhattan Bridge

July 12, Hyperallergic, Thomas Micchelli, A Slice of Pie, a Painting of the Sea

July 1, Hyperallergic, Allison Meier, Artists Probe Urban Agriculture, FOODshed

June 8, WNYC, Gisele Regatao, A Patch of Clover That Comments on Land Use

June 5, DUMBONYC, John Street Pasture To Open for the Summer

June 4, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Rob Abruzzese, A clover field grows in Brooklyn: John Street Pasture opens to the public on Saturday

June 4, Metro, Anna Sanders, John Street Pasture: a clover field grows in DUMBO, Brooklyn

June 3, Gothamist, Jen Carlson, Photos: Brooklyn's New Waterfront Pasture

March 1, Artcritical, David Brody, A Concentrated Rectangle of Glitz: Rob Hickman in Dumbo

January 31, ArtFCity, Paddy Johnson and Whitney Kimball, We Went to Dumbo, Hickman/Sziládi

Press 2013

December 16,, Andrea Loefke: Homecoming

November 29,, Lovid: Roots No Shoots

November 29, ArtFCity, November 29, Whitney Kimball, Bryan Zanisnink--8 Artists Who Use Their Parents in Their Work

October 1,, Bryan Zanisnik--Best Exhibition and Grand Prize Winner

January/February, Sculpture Magazine, Brooke Kamin Rapaport, David Henderson’s Soaring Space

February 20, This Week In New York, Brooklyn/Montreal: Janet Biggs/Aude Moreau

February 10, Free Williamsburg, Samantha Wolner, In Praise of the Other Worlds: Your Curated Art Crawl 

Press 2012

January 17, Hyperallergic, Allison Meier, Somewhere Beyond Nowhere and a Sugar Carpet

November 29,, Pierre Dorion and Janet Biggs exhibit at the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal  

Fall 2012, BOMB Magazine, Russ, Sabine, The Cruise - a floating audio film, eteam.

February 10, The L Magazine, Sutton, Benjamin, Stephen Sollins: Piecework

February 1, The L Magazine, Sutton, Benjamin, Three Domestic Materials Recontextualized, (Tamara Gayer, Stephen Sollins, and Heeseop Yoon exhibition).

January, Flavorpill, Jovanovic, Rozalia, Editor's Pick: Tamara Gayer, Stephen Sollins, Heeseop Yoon

PRESS 2011

December, Sculpture Magazine, Connor, Jill, Uneven Terrain - Blane De. St. Croix

November 1, Artnet, Finch, Charlie, Janet Biggs - Wetness Visible

September  28, 2011, Vernissage TV, Isidro Blasco-Tilted

June 22-July 5, The L Magazine, Editor's Picks, Heat Island

July 3, 2011, Hegert, Natalie, Artslant, Dog Days, Heat Island exhibition

May 5, The Guardian, Aneta Glinkowska, 10 of the best art galleries in Brooklyn & Queens

February 2, 2011, Sutton, Benjamin, The L Magazine, Internet Money and Posy-Industrial Chic on Silicon Beach

PRESS 2010

November 10, 2010, Sutton, Joseph,, Four Hot Gallery Exhibits in Brooklyn

October 27, 2010, The L Magazine, The 50 Best Blocks in Brooklyn.

October 20, 2010, Shuster, Robert, The Village Voice, Best in Show, Charlotte Schulz

October 13, Sutton, Benjamin, The L Magazine, Labyrinths of the Eye, Charlotte Schulz

September 27, 2010, Sutton, Benjamin, The L Magazine, Gallery Cruise Sets sail During DUMBO Arts Festival

June 29, 2010, Schwendener, Martha, Village Voice, Art, Smack Mellon Hosts Condensations of the Social

June 24, 2010, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Up and Coming, Condensations of the Social

June 14, 2010, Brown, Steven, The Brooklyn Paper, Art, Spend a night sleeping with an artist!

March 30, 2010, Shuster, Robert, Village Voice, Best in Show , Pawel Wojtasik

February 4, 2010, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Up and Coming, John von Bergen

January 21, 2010, Dykstra, Jean, Art in America, Ellen Driscoll and Fernando Souto


PRESS 2009

November 2009, NYFA Currents, Deadlines and Headlines

October 29, 2009, wagmag, Critics' Picks

April 5, 2009, Saltz, Jerry, New York Magazine, Critics' Picks: Blane de St. Croix

February 26, 2009, The Greenpoint Star, The Week in Preview

February 18, 2009, Slugocki, LA,, Dumbo is the New Soho-Part One

February 19, 2009, Conner, Jill, Art Quips, Two Solo Shows at Smack Mellon

February 2009, Brooklyn Heights Blog, Concert by the light of the Moon

February 2009, Golden, Deven, Kirsten Hassenfeld at Smack Mellon

February 4, 2009, Stein, Joshua David, New York Press,
Pressed for Time 02.04.09 - 02.11.09

February 4, 2009, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Up & Coming


PRESS 2008

Summer 2008, Gschwandtner, Sabrina. Fiber Arts, Elana Herzog, Shredding Domesticity

May 14, 2008, Howe, Sam & Friends, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Howe's Brooklyn: Students Build Lasting Art Through DUMBO Non-Profit Program

April 26, 2008, Deliso, Meredith, Park Slope Courier,
They bring your old Kentucky home to DUMBO

Spring 2008, Diack Heather, Afterimage, Vol. 35, No. 5, Sign Language as Politics

March 2008, Artcal, Picks, Jennifer Dalton, Jennifer Dalton is a Scientist-- Not!,
Rita MacDonald, Tic, Amanda Mathis, Under Renovation

March/April 2008, Kasper, Chris, Artpapers, Infinitu et Contini: Repeated Histories, Reinvented Resistances, pp.48-49

February 29 2008, Quintana, Mariela, The Columbia Spectator,
DUMBO Smacks of Art Better Than Even Disney Could Do

February 2008, Cole, Lori, Artforum, Critics' Picks: Site 92:Phase II

February 2008, Coburn, Tyler, Art Review:, New York Reviews Marathon

Smack Mellon Gallery was featured on the Neighborhood Beat show [WATCH VIDEO] on Brooklyn Independent Television, a program of BRIC Arts | Media | Bklyn

January 11, 2008, Deliso, Meredith, The Courier, Art Scene: Smack Mellon breaks out of the white cube in DUMBO


PRESS 2007

December 20, 2007, The New Yorker, Infinitu et Contini

December 2007 / January 2008, Kalm, James, The Brooklyn Rail, Brooklyn Dispatches

December 2007, The Portland Monthly, Beyond the Bridge

December 2007, Madison, Lucy, Surface Magazine, Cast a Shadow

December 5, 2007, Wolff, Rachel, New York Magazine, Art Candy, Artist Rona Yefman Advises You to Take the Elevator

Beautiful/Decay, Issue U: Institutionalized, Alternaspace: New Modes in Presenting Art

October 25, 2007, Maine, Stephen, The New York Sun, Gallery-Going,
Two Artists With Time on Their Side

October 12, 2007, Cotter, Holland, The New York Times, Art Listings Peter Dudek and Elana Herzog

October 9, 2007, Schmerler, Sarah, The Village Voice, Art, Modern Brooklyn

October 2007, Artcal, Picks, Peter Dudek, New Monuments to My Lovelife and Elana Herzog, Plaid

February 2007, Cole, Lori, Artforum, Online Picks:
Re:Generation—Emerging Women Artists

February 2007, Maine, Stephen, Art in America, Mary Temple & Liza McConnell


PRESS 2006

December 6, 2006, Hodge, Wayne, The Reeler, Features: Aliens in Our Midst

November, 2006, McAdams, Shane, The Brooklyn Rail, ArtSeen: Mary Temple

June 29, 2006, Maine, Stephen, Artnet, Space is the Place

May 19, 2006, Oates, Leah, New York Arts, Responding to Location in DUMBO

May 10, 2006, Kazi, Olympia, The Architect's Newspaper, Filling the Void, Mind the Gap

April 26, 2006, Brian Lehrer show,, Mind the Gap

April 13, 2006, Schmerler, Sarah, Time Out New York, Art Reviews: Mind the Gap

March 28, 2006, CEK, Flavorpill, ART: Mind the Gap: curated by Eva Diaz and Beth Stryker

February 24, 2006, Johnson, Ken, The New York Times, The Listings: Site 92

February 23, 2006,, Site 92


PRESS 2005

June 16, 2005, Dawson, Jessica, The Washington Post, Galleries, On the Subject of War

Issue 75, 2005, Conner, Jill, Contemporary, Reviews, Smack Mellon Gallery, On the Subject of War

May 4, 2005, Snow, The Village Voice, Shortlist, 'Fifteen Paces'

March 18, 2005, Cotter, Holland, The New York Times, Art in Review, 'On the Subject of War'

March 2005, Stillman, Nick, The Brooklyn Rail, On the Subject of War

January 5, 2005, Morton, Julia, New York Press, From Imagination to Reality: The Art of Science Fiction, 'Between Interconnectedness'


PRESS 2004

December 30, 2004, Justin Rocket Silverman, am New York, am city living - Dumbo

May 2004, Shrier, Sonya, The Brooklyn Rail, Ricoh Gerbl, Die Mutter und Wohnungspfropfungen (The Mother and Apartmentgrafting)

March 23, 2004, Needleman, Jennifer, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Double Trouble at Smack Mellon

February 26, 2004, Westerbeke, Julia, Time Out New York, Art Review,
First exit to Brooklyn

February 2004,, Art in Review, Multiplex

February 20, 2004, Cotter, Holland, The New York Times, Art in Review, 'Multiplex'

February 12, 2004, Maine, Stephen ,, Dateline Brooklyn


PRESS 2003

Issue 52, Conner, Jill, Contemporary, New York: Smack Mellon Studios, Custom Fit

October 2003, Hawke, John, The Brooklyn Rail, Landslide

October 2003, Powhida, William, The Brooklyn Rail, Outpost

June 15, 2003, Moody, Tom, Digital Media Tree, Outpost

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February 2003, Wei, Lilly, Art in America, Deborah Masters and Maurice Arlos at Smack Mellon

2003, Bijutsu Techo, Very New York Issue


PRESS 2002

December 2002, Lashinsky, Karen, Case Da Abitare, Dumbo Story 

October 2, 2002, New York Press, Sacred Matter

September 27, 2002, Cotter, Holland, The New York Times, Weekend Fine Arts Leisure, 'Sacred Matter' Karen Dolmanisth and Deborah Masters

July - August 2002, Manchester, Clare, Art Monthly, Paris in Brooklyn

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July 2, 2002, Pollack, Barbara, The Village Voice, Art, Space Jam

May 2002, Hongman, Ana, Contemporary, Brooklyn NYC

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January 2002, Taplin, Robert, Art in America, Simon Lee and Claire Lestevan at Smack Mellon Studios

January 7, 2002, The New Yorker, Galleries-Brooklyn, "Peppermint"


PRESS 2001

November 9, 2001, Cotter, Holland, The New York Times, Art in Review, "Mir2"

October 2001, Mass Appeal, Barnstorming

June 29, 2001, Cotter, Holland, The New York Times, Art in Review, 'Popular Mechanics'

April 20, 2001, Cotter, Holland, The New York Times, Art in Review, Simon Lee, Claire Lestevan


PRESS 2000

November 2000, Everett, Deborah, New York Arts, "Trajectories @ Smack Mellon"


PRESS 1999

May 1999, Brooklyn Bridge, Spice Warehouse Gets Artsy


PRESS 1998

December 1998, Johnson, Ken, The New York Times, Art in Review, "Just Ripe"

May 1998, Cotter, Holland, The New York Times, Art in Review, "Lost and Found"