October 2, 2002


"Sacred Matter," Karen Dolmanisth and Deborah Masters' seamlessly matched installations, crowd Smack Mellon Studios' open warehouse-y space with a plethora of objects created and found, sacred and profane. Dolmanisth works a vision of personal devotion with a heavy American Indian debt, arranging shells, stones, twigs, feathers and other elemental objects in mandalas and magic circles. Masters builds altars of holy cards, votive candles, gorgeous primitivist crucifixes, rosaries, Santeria and voodoo iconography--as well as personal diaries, images of the Mafia, pornography, JohnWayne Gacy, the KKK and 9/11--to evoke her own intimations of good and evil. It's a very busy and yet hushed and reverential environments and its up through Sun., Oct. 6. 56 Water St. (betw. Main & Dock Sts.), DUMBO, 718-834-8761.

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