January 7, 2002


This collection of sex-related work begins by flashing its underwear--slips on hangers and portraits in tighty whities--then continues to tease. Kelly Hashimoto's PowerPoint presentation "...And Her Boys" offers tidy charts of untidy alliances, while Nicolas Dumi-Estevez's tropical-fruit cooking video stars himself, in red lipstick and fingernails. Jana Leo de Blas's canopied bed made out of bubble wrap behaves even more provocatively by addressing viewers directly, instructing them to "take off your shoes, go in, take off your clothes, open your skin, do it." The sheets are mussed but the condom provided by the artist is still sealed and hanging from the bedpost, Through Jan. 13. (Smack Mellon Studios, 56Water St, Dumbo. 718-834-8761)

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