February 2004

ART: Film
when: Now through Sun 3.7 (Wed-Sun: 12-6pm)
where: Smack Mellon (56 Water St, DUMBO, 718.834.8761)
price: FREE


Hijacking seems an apt metaphor when describing Multiplex, an ambitiously (de)constructed cinematic environment that reroutes our conceptions of the contemporary movie theatre. Strap into the airline seats that accompany Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, Johan Grimonprez's light-hearted look at sky terror, or accelerate your particles in Baldino-Neutrino, Phyllis Baldino's high-speed tour of a top-secret Super Proton Synchrotron tunnel. The 16 video pieces installed in this multilevel fun house co-opt traditional film genres to produce a theater of the unpredictable that includes Mathieu Borysevicz's SARS: A Love Story, Chris Sollars' Bjorn Again, and Shannon Plumb's How To guide to soba noodles, enemas, and nasal cleansing. (RA)

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